Stationary/Floating Marine System Package - 28 stainless steel electrodes, 6m spacing


NOTE: This system is only for freshwater use. For saltwater conditions, please consider the graphite electrode marine cable options.

28 stainless steel electrodes at 6m spacing for stationary or floating freshwater use. This cable has a 10m lead-in and with #28 closest to the connector and #1 at the tail. Compatible with SwitchBox28 and 56. This cable can be floated or submerged for 2D and 3D marine surveys in freshwater only. The combined water column and sub-bottom exploration depth maximum for this cable is 108 feet (33 meters).

Also Includes:
Marine Modules - Qty 1 each

- GPS/depth

- Survey Planner Module

- Precise Guided Navigation Module

- Marine Log Manager (MLM) Module

- Continuous Resistivity Profiler (CRP) Module